Cheat Sheet to assess MBA rejection

MBA Rejection Heatmap

Rejected by MBA programs?

Analyze the weaknesses in your MBA application, and transform your MBA application next year using the MBA Rejection Heatmap 


Do you know why you were rejected by schools? 

You most likely don't. :-(

Identifying why you got rejected by MBA programs can be a challenge. Due to the large volume of applications, most MBA schools give little or no feedback to each individual rejected candidate.

To truly understand why you were rejected by schools, we’ll need to look at your application in its entirety to identify all potential weaknesses and define tactics to improve your 2019 application. 

However, I have a simpler solution for you to get started immediately... 


Use this self-assessment to identify your potential weakness areas, and narrow your focus on what you need to improve. 

So, how do you analyze your application weaknesses?

Download the heatmap...

..and read through the instructions for completing the heatmap.

Complete the worksheet... determine specific weaknesses that you need to address in 2018.

Get your high-level recommendations... address the weaknesses in your background, applicant profile, and application strategy.

Ready to begin your assessment?

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